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Message From Administration
Below please find a message from school administration regarding...

As many of you have likely heard, Coach Legge is no longer a part...
Raffle Results
We are excited to announce that we held our virtual raffle this morning. ...
Important Reminder Regarding Lockdown
Message from Hillgrove Hawks Lacrosse Since March 13th 2019 at 3:30...
Message From Administration

Below please find a message from school administration regarding Coach Legge:


To All Concerned about Coach Legge's current status.  

First off, I hope that you and your families are doing well.  I know the end of this year has been challenging and now without Spring sports, you hear of a valuable Coach no longer being with us.  Let me say thank you for all of your letters and emails vouching for Coach Legge.  He is obviously a really great Coach!  Well, I want to say that this is unfortunate.  I know some of you want answers, but I want you to reflect on the lack of liberty that I have in sharing details with you.  I am grateful for Coach Legge and his years of service with the Lacrosse program.  I will respect his service and keep matters confidential between myself, Coach Riggins, Mr. Brown and Coach Legge. 

I am asking for your support and understanding in walking through this process if you find it difficult and/or devastating. Please make note of one thing, this termination is connected to several things and none of which has anything to do with COVID-19.  This inaccurate thought and/or statement can easily get out of hand as people try to speculate.  This misinformation could hurt our school reputation.

I apologize if you do not trust my leadership and decision regarding this, but I will not have a full-on discussion with anyone other than Coach Riggins, Coach Legge or Mr. Brown regarding this.  If it is revisited you will hear of this but in the meantime, This was a leadership decision and is best right now. We must move on to next steps and will always consider what's best for the Lacrosse program.  I am meeting with Coach Riggins and will look to his guidance as well as Mr. Brown on all matters regarding community coaches moving forward.

Always feel free to contact me if you need to, I will happily speak with you. 

Angela Stewart

by posted 06/05/2020

As many of you have likely heard, Coach Legge is no longer a part of the program's coaching staff.  The decision to dismiss Coach Legge was solely at the discretion of Hillgrove administration and in no way involved the Booster Club.  

The focus of the Booster Club is to provide the best environment possible for our boys to learn and grow in lacrosse and as citizens of the larger Hillgrove community.   We will continue to work to ensure that the highest quality facilities and coaching are made available at both the High School and Youth levels. 

Our program will endeavor to find another coach who will advance the program as we continue to strengthen the game of lacrosse at Hillgrove. 

The Booster Club wishes the best for Coach Legge and is grateful and appreciative of his efforts.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

by posted 05/30/2020
Raffle Results

We are excited to announce that we held our virtual raffle this morning.  Below are our big winners.  We will be in touch with each of you about getting your prizes.  You can rewatch the raffle at



Bryson Freeman (Youth)

Oliver Flynn (Youth)

Ethan Gray (Youth)

Daniel Woodbury (HS)

Joshua Cargile (HS)



YETI Hopper Backflip 24: Andy Freeman (sold by Bryson Freeman)

PS4 Bundle: The Snyder Family (sold by Jack Snyder)

Atlanta Hawks Package: Leslie Bell (sold by Phillip Bell)

Atlanta Braves Package: Alison Brooks (sold by Grayson Brooks)

55" Smart TV: Derrick McFerrien (sold by Dylan McFerrien)

Big Green Egg: Shar Quarless (sold by Jackson Walters)


Thanks for your support and CONGRATULATIONS!

by posted 05/25/2020
Important Reminder Regarding Lockdown

Message from Hillgrove Hawks Lacrosse
Since March 13th 2019 at 3:30 PM all CCSD schools and facilities have been closed.  Please know that this means Lovinggood, Hillgrove and all CCSD facilities are closed to everyone.  Please do not use any CCSD facility for practice, conditioning or contest until told otherwise.  This includes "pick up" games, as well as individual training. 

Recently the NFHS and GHSA have introduced 3 phases to return to play.  Please see the information below sent out per CCSD.  The Hillgrove Lacrosse Organization will not return to play on June 8th regardless of the CCSD decision.  The bottom line is that no one should be on any CCSD campus without prior approval. We will make an announcement when the facilities are open and further instructions will be given at that time.   Thank you for your attention to this matter.  Go Hawks!

Message from CCSD Athletic Director
I know your staffs and kids are excited and ready to go following the announcement from the GHSA today in regards to a June 8th start. At this time the district is reviewing the recommendations and consulting with other districts to determine if Cobb Co. will in fact open our campuses for conditioning on June 8th. I encourage you to continue to preach patience as we assess and gather all the information needed to make a decision on a proper start and what is best for our student-athletes and coaches. Take care. 

by posted 05/24/2020
Game Results
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