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by posted 02/26/2020

Youth Program Parents,

Please join us on Wednesday March 4th 6:15pm in the Hillgrove High School cafeteria for the 2020 Spring Parents meeting. 

This meeting is for all parents with boys in 8U-14U

Thank you.



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Uniform Pick-up Wednesday 2/26 5:30pm- 6:30pm
by posted 02/25/2020

Youth Unifroms 8U-14U:  Wednesday 2/26 from 5:30-6:30pm t

If your son is on this list his uniform is ready to be picked up.  With games just a couple of days away there will be someone at the Lovinggood shed Wednesday 2/26 from 5:30-6:30pm to handout uniforms for those on this list who purchased new uniforms. 

Our apologies for the delays with our uniform provider and distributing new uniforms for those who ordered them.   

If you are a 10U player and cannot make it tomorrow you can pick it up on Thursday at practice but you must arive by 5:40pm to pick up.


Player Jersey #
8U- Harris, Logan Youth L/X #13
8U- White, Derrick TBD
8U- Roper, Aiden TBD
8U- Kopish, Logan TBD
8U- Thompson, Brett TBD
10U- Wild, Alexander TBD
10U- Mize, Riley Youth L/X #55
10U- Kotas, Jack TBD
10U- Kotas, Trevor TBD
10U- Campbell, Ryan TBD
10U- Roper, Eli TBD
10U- McBride, Brennan TBD
12U- Harris, Connor Adult Small #26
12U- Abdullah, Zacharia TBD
12U- Freeman, Bryson TBD
12U- Jardin, Andrew Adult Small #6
12U- Camacho, Sergio TBD
12U- Black, Luke TBD
12U- White, Adam TBD
12U- Brazile, Brecken Adult Small #11
12U- Stone, Eli TBD
14U- Brumbaugh, J.D. TBD
14U- Whitner II, Derek TBD
14U- Marin, Emiliano TBD
14U- Walling, Bryson TBD
14U- McGaughy, Gabriel TBD
14U- Saunders, Benjamin TBD
14U- McFerrien, Dylan TBD
14U- Amidei, Ryan TBD
14U- Tejcek, Jaxon TBD
14U- Layton, Kai TBD

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