Providing a safe and positive environment for kids to learn and grow in the sport of Lacrosse.

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When do we play?
We have Spring and Fall seasons for K through 12th Grade Boys. Official schedules aren't released until a week or two before the first games.

How long is the season?
Fall season is usually 6 games and Spring Recreational season is 8 games. Spring Select season is typically same length but more games.

Should we Rent or Purchase Equipment for our son?
We do provide rental equipment for our youth players but it is really intended for those who are new and not sure if their son will stick with lacrosse. Once your player decides he loves lacrosse you should do what you can to get him his own gear. Having your own gear allows you to take advantage of the many clinics, camps, travel teams and such that are available to players to help them advance their skill level.

Can we keep his rental gear for next season or for the summer travel team?
We get many requests for this but we must collect all rental gear at the end of each season. Otherwise we have to much work and trouble for those trying to keep track of our inventory.

What is Select and Recreational?
Our Recreational teams are Fall and Spring at every age level. These teams are meant to be serious but fun concentrating on the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse. Our Rec coaches strive to get all players as much playing time as possible. These teams keep score but there is no playoff or champion at the end of the season.

In the Spring only we will have Select teams at the U13 and U15 level when our numbers allow. At the end of the Fall season tryouts are held for the following Spring Select Season. Coaches "Select" the best players to represent Hillgrove in GMSAA Select Lacrosse League. This league is the most competitive play against the top teams around. This league allows or best players to be grouped with our best coaches and play against the toughest competition. This better prepares us to be as competitive as possible at the High School level. There is no guarantee of playing time and there is a playoff and champion at the end of the season.

What are the age groups for youth?

  • 6U K-1st Grade
  • 8U 1st & 2nd Grade
  • 10U 3rd & 4th Grade
  • 12U 5th & 6th Grade
  • 14U 7th & 8th Grade

Who can play Hillgrove Lacrosse?
Hillgrove Youth Lacrosse welcomes all youth 1st through 8th grade Boys to play on our Recreational Teams in Spring and Fall. Our Spring Select teams and our High School teams are for students who will attend Hillgrove High School only.

How do I register?
Go back to our Home Page and look for the grey "Register Now" button near the top right. Scroll down and find the appropriate grade, read the info, click the green "Register" button to complete.

Why do players need to be US Lacrosse Members?
Your US Lacrosse membership provides an age verification that is used in various leagues and tournaments that we play in. Your membership includes an insurance policy that protects our program and may cover your son's accidental injury. All these proceeds go to promoting the sport of Lacrosse nation wide. LINK

Are there tryouts?
There are no tryouts for Fall Season. If a youth age group has more than one team, evaluations are made in the first few practices to split teams evenly or for alignment of A and B divisions. For High School similar evaluations are used to split Varsity and Junior Varsity.

In the spring we will have recreational teams and Select teams at the 6th-8th grade level. At the end of the Fall season tryouts are held for the following Spring Select Season.

When and where are practices held?
Once registration is closed and players are placed on a team you will receive an email with your practice schedules. All practices are held on various Hillgrove High School Fields or the adjacent Lovingood Middle School Field. High School typically practices after school.  Youth teams usually practices 6:00-7:30 or 6:30-8pm.  Youth Teams practice twice per week with one game on Saturday.

What leagues do you play in?
Recreational teams compete in MAYLA (Metro Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Association) LINK
Select teams compete in GMSAA (Georgia Middle School Athletic Association) LINK
High School teams compete in Spring in GHSA (Georgia High School Association) LINK
and various leagues for Fall season.